Wood, bodies, paper clay, pencil & crayon on paper and hand painted fabric.

Carapaces (meaning an organic bony case or shield covering an animal) is a work that considers the idea of a personal or psychological space. The work takes inspiration from the improbable, intimate and strangely scaled buildings in the frescoes of Renaissance artist Giotto and particularly his unstable and awkward looking architecture that is often scaled around the human body and has a fragility and flimsiness. Work shown as part of the Northern Art Prize 2013 Exhibition, at Leeds Art Gallery.

With thanks to all the performers who volunteered their time: Ruth Eaton, Charlotte Blackburn, Lydia Catterall, Eleanor Chownsmith, Joely Fielding, Beth Gadd, Emma Gee, Rebecca Jones, Dania Kooner, Charlotte Lister, Amanda Millington, Sonia Tome Myers, April Skipp, Amy Stevenson, Emily Towler. Photography by Simon Warner