Workshop and digital film

Commissioned as part of Look Again Festival, with Citymoves Dance Agency, this work was a collaboration with dancer and choreographer Jack Webb .

Power in the coming together of people, in collaboration, in reclaiming space. Power in working together to be bold and to occupy and play with, or in, public spaces. Power in young women creating supportive networks and in young women as future leaders and as forces for change. Friendship between girls and the familiar gestures that brings; a hand on an arm, a head resting upon a shoulder, plaiting hair, straightening clothes, hand-holding, play-fighting, twinned dance moves, solidarity

FAÇADES/FRONTS from Emily Speed on Vimeo.

The film was exhibited as part of the International Architecture Exhibition 2018 at La Biennale di Venezia in The Happenstance, the Scotland + Venice collateral project at Palazzo Zenobio. Thanks to Duncan Nicol for the beautiful filming and to Ruth Eaton for her assistance with costumes, also to Jo Muir, and most importantly, to the dancers, who were also collaborators in the realisation of this project: Katie Taylor, Kirsty Tewnion, Melissa Haywood, Katie McFarlane, Neila Stephens, Xenoa Campbell-Ledgister, Ella Skinner, Isla Reid, Kirsten Walker, Carly Campbell, Bethany Ransom, and Iseabail Duncan