Mattdress & Drawers

Found furniture

These works were made in the old halls of residence at what used to be Bretton College in Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I was keen to get into the halls to occupy them in some way and use the furniture there to build. As the title suggests, I was looking for a way to make a space to wear but also to be inside. I was thinking about skin, the layer of clothes on top and the layer of bricks we surround ourselves with in our homes.

I am also interested in how the park is being returned to the landscape originally made around the house in the late 18th/early 19th Century. This involves restoring the viewpoints around the gardens and giving the public access to the follies and areas around the lake. The 60’s additions - made by the college - to the site don’t really fit into this plan, although some of them will stay. I find myself pondering how we make these value judgements about architecture (what to preserve and what to forget) and it’s for that reason I wanted to preserve something of the halls and the lives of their previous occupants for myself.