Model Village?

Three-year research project, culminating in a participatory, site-specific, clay installation

Commissioned as part of the Expanded City project, by In Certain Places, this work took place over 3 weeks in June-July 2018 (with research spanning 2016-2019), with participation from over 100 local school children as well as site workers from the Storey Homes site, which we occupied for the duration, as well as local visitors.

For the broader research I was interested in looking at the body in relation to urban development, via a focus upon play spaces. From the ICP website: "Through conversations with city planners, architects and developers, workshops with local young people and a charette with UCLan architecture students, she explored existing approaches to leisure provision, and possibilities for more informal and expansive approaches to play within our everyday environments. Speed’s research culminated in the project ‘Model Village?’ in June 2018, during which she worked with members of the public, including local residents and school pupils of all ages to construct a temporary model village on the site of a housing development. Participants were asked ‘What would your dream place to live or play in look like?’ and had the opportunity to use coloured clay to build their ideal spaces, and make a mark on the village by creating, extending, squashing or customising its buildings, trees, parks and streets."

A huge thanks to the In Certain Places team for making the complicated logistics possible, and especially to Ben and Faye for their incredible hard work over an especially hot summer. Invited guests to the site included Akiko Kobayashi, Glen Stoker and a conversation with Lee Ivett of Baxendale.