from this filthy sewer pure gold flows

My piece ‘From the Mountain to the Abyss‘ is in this show opening in Blackpool tomorrow night:

from this filthy sewer pure gold flows

contemporary art projects

2nd Floor / 32 Clifton Street / Blackpool / Lancashire / FY1 1JP
SAT / SUN 1 PM – 4 PM (or by prior appointment only)

Please see for more details

26 SEPT – 18 0CT 2009
PRIVATE VIEW: 24 SEPT 2009 / 6 – 9 PM

‘From this filthy sewer pure gold flows’ is a group exhibition bringing together the work of a group of artists working in the north of England. Whilst working across various disciplines and following different conceptual agendas the works in the exhibition share a common bond through their celebration of the unusual, unpopular, absurd, redundant, discarded and disenfranchised.
Working in various media from photography to low-tech sculpture through to ‘gonzo’ style video and ‘no-tech’ assemblage the work in ‘from this filthy sewer…’ discusses ideas of wealth, status, loss, obsolescence and seeks to explore the relationship we have with the material world around us .

Many featured works seek to find the monument in the unmonumental as the artists search for beauty and potential in the ‘things’ that fill our everyday.
The exhibition features works by Emily Speed, Martin Hamblen, Stephen Forge, Susan Massey, Fiona Shaw, Sophie Lisa Beresford, Tom Ireland, Noel Clueit and Richard Cook.