I’m off to Milan next week to hang this exhibition. For the last few months, the artists have been in dialogue via an online document. This will be made into a book to accompany the show.


ASSAB One, Milan

from 21th to 27th may 2011
3-7 pm.

opening 20th may, 7pm.

Alessandro Castiglioni, Antonio Catelani, Sergio Breviario, Andy Boot, Ermanno Cristini, Giovanni Morbin, Giancarlo Norese, Goran Petercol, Fabio Sandri, Luca Scarabelli, Emily Speed, Alessandra Spranzi

Assab One hosts DIALOGOS, a research born without a specific project and an orthodox curatorial scheme, focused on the possibility to develop an artistic practice on ideas that continuously negotiate knowledge, choices and sensitivity. An experience grown among artists who have chosen themselves for coincidence, elective affinities, or trajectories that have crossed their way of doing.

For the occasion a numbered edition will be realised and it will contain all material through which the project has been developed during in the course of time. The publication is completed by various theoretic contributions, among which that by Lorena Giuranna.

I – Dialogue as an aesthetic practice
Dialogos is a project of an exhibition arranged between a performative dynamics and an installation’s intervention. It was born from the possibility of thinking about the space as a time’s formula, or to put it better, the “when” before the “where”, the very moment when it has been discussed and transformed by a relation. Therefore, the dialogue is intended an aesthetic practice, because itself is the element that modulates and structures a time and, then, a space.

II – The story
It’s no accident that this project was born from a common path that Ermanno Cristini, Luca Scarabelli and Alessandro Castiglioni are carrying out since 2008. Dialogos is, in fact, connected to two others important projects: the first one, Roaming, is based on exhibitions that last the ephemeral time of an opening, in order to fluctuate, later on, in the flimsiness of its own documentation, the second one, The Guest and the Intruder , is has been thought as a series of exhibitions and meetings at the Ermanno’s studio

III – Hermeneutical circle
Dialogos is, therefore, kind of a chess game. But, where the artistic act and its trace, the object, burden themselves with a reversible communicability, between artist and artist, artist and artwork, artwork and space, space and spectator, spectator and space, space and artwork, artwork and artist, artist and artist. It is because of this reason that the mechanism made for the project is made of actions, answers, and of the aswers to these answers.

(Translated by Cecilia Guida)

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