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January exhibitions

The Land Has Many Parts
January 15 – February 15 . 2014
Jane Deering Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

Silence Unbound: The Artist’s Lexicon in the Making
January 17, 2014 – March 29, 2014
Center for Book Arts New York
Organized by Heather Powell

The artists featured in Silence Unbound often work in familiar forms, but have at some point been driven to create or conceive of an object that incorporates their language into a book-like design. The juxtaposition of the book next to an artwork- painting, print, photograph, or performance ephemera- is meant to delineate a space that considers the translation of the artist’s aesthetic vocabulary into writing systems. Featured Artists include: Dean Ebben, David Hammons, Candace Hicks, Christopher K. Ho, Jenny Holzer, Alison Knowles, Jessica Lagunas, Matthew C. Lange, Dani Leventhal, Barbara Rosenthal, Buzz Spector, Emily Speed, and Kristen Tordella-Williams.

Artists’ Books in NYC

On the 22nd Jan I will be heading to New York where I am to be on a panel for a seminar about artists’ books at the Grolier Club. This is happening alongside an exhibition of works from the Women’s Studio Workshop (WSW) collection, entitled ‘Hand. Voice & Vision’. The book which I worked on at WSW in 2007, Unfolding Architecture, is part of the exhibition and I have also written a short text for the exhibition catalogue.

My time at WSW doing the Artists Book residency was really incredible and I am really looking forward to catching up with the staff at the seminar, as well as meeting the other artists on the panel. I also have plans to meet the guys from WAGE, to profile them for a-n’s March issue. I’ll be leaving some space in the suitcase for letterpress ink and drawing papers from the Drawing Center!!