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January exhibitions

The Land Has Many Parts
January 15 – February 15 . 2014
Jane Deering Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

Silence Unbound: The Artist’s Lexicon in the Making
January 17, 2014 – March 29, 2014
Center for Book Arts New York
Organized by Heather Powell

The artists featured in Silence Unbound often work in familiar forms, but have at some point been driven to create or conceive of an object that incorporates their language into a book-like design. The juxtaposition of the book next to an artwork- painting, print, photograph, or performance ephemera- is meant to delineate a space that considers the translation of the artist’s aesthetic vocabulary into writing systems. Featured Artists include: Dean Ebben, David Hammons, Candace Hicks, Christopher K. Ho, Jenny Holzer, Alison Knowles, Jessica Lagunas, Matthew C. Lange, Dani Leventhal, Barbara Rosenthal, Buzz Spector, Emily Speed, and Kristen Tordella-Williams.


Also this Thursday – SPECTRUM opens at Wolstenholme Creative Space and my Portable Reading Room will get an outing.

Thursday 10 May, from 6pm

Gallery Opening Hours Fri – Sun, 12-4pm


WCS Presents | As part of Liverpool Art Month WCS Presents SPECTRUM: 15 solo exhibitions, with 5 Liverpool based Artists, Duos and Collectives from various stages of their careers, exhibiting each week.

A hugely eclectic, unique and exciting roster has been formed that will exhibit work that together spans the myriad of practice, process, medium and concept that makes up the landscape of creative practitioners in a ‘post-08’ Liverpool.

Noisy, political, personal, humorous, intelligent and determined – a reflection of the city’s current creative community.


Adriana Galuppo | Dan Simpkins + Penny Whitehead | Emily Speed | Jason Haynes | Julieann O’Malley | Jo Hicks | Kevin Hunt | Mike Aitken | Nicki McCubbing | Penny Davenport | Rhonda Davies | Ria Fell | Roly Carline | Tomo | Tony Knox



Last few days in the studio on the work for the Topophobia exhibition, opening at Danielle Arnaud on 13th January. ‘Star Fort’ will be a fold up structure built and documented in the gallery (some preliminary sketches for the work shown). The second leg of the show, at the Bluecoat from 2nd March, will also feature a newly commissioned work that will occupy the corridor space.

The fear of place and the manifestation of this in contemporary art is the territory for TOPOPHOBIA. As an anxiety disorder, this phobia is understood as an irrational dread of certain places or situations, yet, considered as a cultural phenomenon topophobia connects us to the existential human question of how each of us finds our place in the world. The exhibition and related publication take a look at the representation of place and space as threatened or threatening.

TOPOPHOBIA is a group show featuring the work of ten UK and international artists. The range of media and approaches is wide. Anne Eggebert makes detailed drawings derived from images on Google Earth; Matthias Einhoff uses high-end corporate video techniques to make a spectacle of an urban wasteland; David Ferrando Giraut creates a state of anxiety with his filmic pan of the aftermath of a car accident; Polly Gould constructs distorted topographical watercolours reflected in the surface of a globe; Marja Helander depicts herself out of place between her two cultures of contemporary Finland and Sami nomadic heritage; Uta Kogelsberger reveals uncanny night visions of urban and desert America in her photographs; Almut Rink appropriates the 3D software used by architects to take the viewer on an imaginary journey in a virtual space; Abigail Reynolds exposes disjointed time and place in her use of old book illustrations in collages and assemblage. Emily Speed houses her body in a fortress made from shutters; and Louise K Wilson uses sound derived from her work at a previously top secret Cold War testing site.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I had a great weekend at the park making some sketches with furniture for future works. These are places to shelter & hide.

There is now a little bit of information about me on the YSP website, as well as dates for the show. This must mean it is really happening! *gulp*.

Roaming – Heterotopias

After a great week at YSP last week I am fully stuck into some research on the park and making some models for new works. Today though, I am taking slides in the studio for work that will be shown in Roaming – Heterotopias, a group exhibition opening on 4th December at the Musee Cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne.

The exhibition is part of ‘Les Urbaines’ a festival of contemporary art taking place across the city. The work in this Roaming exhibtion is made in response to the idea of a temporary exhibition, and the theme of Heterotpias. As the work will be shown alongside and inbetween the permanent collection of the museum, currently curated under the theme of light, this might also have an impact on some of the works.

Exhibiting Artists: Sophie Bueno Boutellier, Andy Boot, Alice Cattaneo, Ermanno Cristini, Victor Man, Goran Petercol, Luca Scarabelli and Emily Speed, with an online r-roaming project by Michele Lombardelli.

Roaming -Heterotopias is curated by Alessandro Castiglioni and  Noah Stolz.

Happily I am going to Lausanne to install so looking forward to a bit of snow, so I can eat fondue… maybe?


Back from a great week in Milan (with a brief visit to the Architecture Biennale in Venice too!). Thanks to Paola and Gianni for being such great hosts. The exhibition opening was a lovely evening and I met lots of interesting people. Here are a  few photos of the small but perfectly formed space below – better documentation of the work to be added to my website soon.

Showreel Project Milano

Packing up to go to Milan tomorrow and put up some work in this beautiful shop window as part of Showreel Project. The four previous installments (Teresa Gillespie, Alice Channer, Adam Thompson and Sinta Werner) all looked great and I am looking forward to meeting the curator Paola Caravati after a year or so of emails.

I have made a new piece especially for the window: egg-nest-home-country-universe and will post some images upon my return. If you happen to be in the area please come and visit!

Dumb Objects

At the moment I am working on some books for Liverpool Artists’ Book Fair and also putting together an exhibition ‘Dumb Objects’.

Dumb Objects will be at Wolstenholme Projects from 12th June – 28th June open Fri-Sun 12 – 6pm.

Private View is Thursday 11th June from 6pm, come along!

If you’re on facebook, have a look at the event here: Dumb Objects