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January exhibitions

The Land Has Many Parts
January 15 – February 15 . 2014
Jane Deering Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

Silence Unbound: The Artist’s Lexicon in the Making
January 17, 2014 – March 29, 2014
Center for Book Arts New York
Organized by Heather Powell

The artists featured in Silence Unbound often work in familiar forms, but have at some point been driven to create or conceive of an object that incorporates their language into a book-like design. The juxtaposition of the book next to an artwork- painting, print, photograph, or performance ephemera- is meant to delineate a space that considers the translation of the artist’s aesthetic vocabulary into writing systems. Featured Artists include: Dean Ebben, David Hammons, Candace Hicks, Christopher K. Ho, Jenny Holzer, Alison Knowles, Jessica Lagunas, Matthew C. Lange, Dani Leventhal, Barbara Rosenthal, Buzz Spector, Emily Speed, and Kristen Tordella-Williams.

Lady Garden

Last week, I was building, tiling, painting and gardening in Bristol at the incredible Tyntesfield, a National Trust property making a new work for ‘STILL/life ecologies of perception’ the inaugural exhibition from Trust New Art Bristol.

Lady Garden

The exhibition runs from 8th September until early November and the bumpf about the new work is here:

Lady Garden is a new installation which takes its name from an intimate walled area adjacent to the Orangery at Tyntesfield known as Lady Wraxall’s Garden. The structure, which can be entered, encases a micro garden of plants typical to an Orangery. It is able to move between various locations in the Jubilee Gardens and once settled, becomes part of this constructed landscape, a hybrid garden and folly structure. On close inspection the structure mimics a range of architectural, ornamental and design motifs from the house, such as the Turret Room, Minton floor tiles, floral wallpaper and the coloured gloss paint found in some utility areas.

The structure provides shelter in a compartment that is just big enough for one person. This compartmentalization makes reference to the strong gender division of roles and division of rooms in Tyntesfield which was usual in Victorian country houses. The Morning Room, Drawing Room and Mrs Gibb’s Sitting Room (now Lord Wraxall’s sitting room) were primarily female spaces, while the Oak Room and Billiard Room were chiefly used by the men of the house.  The architectural and decorative divide between male and female spaces would serve to enforce role distinctions, much as the growth of plants and flowers in Lady Garden are contained and controlled within its structure.

Lady Garden presents its best face to the public but that contains a leafy, wild garden inside’ Emily Speed 2013






Curated by Kate Pantling, Tightrope brings together the work of four international emerging artists Takming Chuang, Echo Morgan, Emily Speed and Hanae Utamura. The artists share a performative approach to their practice, where a sense of harmony, dissonance and a raw energy are connecting threads. Each artist takes their own body as a starting point, orchestrating narratives that explore the impact of encounters with materials, environments and cultures. Their work is personal, particular and often intimate but speaks to broader political and cultural concerns. By approaching their work from the context of performance, the artists bring a strong sense of dramatic tension to their artworks. Each of them embraces the visual impact of their interventions to create work that encapsulates a moment imbued with anticipation. They create projects that play across multiple mediums eluding easy categorisation and bringing dynamism and depth to the expression of their ideas.

Build-Up: A Practice

On Sunday 7th April, four acrobats will perform for around one hour in Castlefield Gallery, as an extension or further exploration of the film work in the exhibition. The exercises they perform will be a repetition of certain structures, because they cannot hold the shape for long, it will have to be built over and over again.

Build-Up (detail)

Visitors are welcome to drop in and out of the performance – expect weary acrobats by the end! More information about the event/location etc HERE

The exhibition with Hayley Newman has been reviewed in the April edition of Art Monthly by Martin Herbert.

Castlefield dates

The exhibition with Hayley Newman is open and will be in until 7th April. There’s a couple of events coming up at Castlefield Gallery…

23rd March at 3.30pm – A panel discussion with Hayley Newman, curator Bridget Crone and moi.

7th March – Build-Up: A practice at 3.30pm. Four acrobats will perform a series of construction exercises inside the gallery.

Tracey Warr has written a really wonderful essay to accompany the exhibition: PDF Here.