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A Parade of Architectural Commas

I have been a tad lax on updates recently! A few exhibitions have gone up (and come down) in the meantime including

(Re)learning to Read, a group show curated by TORQUE at the Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool
Transparency, an Arts Council collection show at Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
[Re]construct at the Chapel at Yorkshire Sculpture Park


as part of the last exhibition, YSP commissioned a new piece of work (well, strictly speaking two, as the film in the exhibition is also newly commissioned by them). Last weekend a group of performers took a walk around the ground as part of A Parade of Architectural Commas. It’s always strange testing out a new piece in such a public way and there was lots to think ab


out and changes to make for the next outing as part of their 40th birthday celebrations on July 16th. The title comes from Capability Brown’s writing on the construction of a garden landscape and refers to the follies that traditionally inhabit a Georgian Garden.


Here there are five archetypes: the grotto, the chapel, the ruin, the obelisk and the pyramid. I have been thinking a lot about the tease and reveal of this kind of landscape, with it’s carefully crafted views, but I am realising that erotic sensibility is all but impossible when a comedic pair of legs are introduced to a sculptural costume. Perhaps a photo shoot with the follies (commas) in July will better reveal their seductive side… watch this space.parade

Study day at YSP

Next Saturday at Yorkshire Sculpture Park Deputy Curator Sarah Coulson and I will host an informal day of discussion looking at the spaces we inhabit and how they affect us. The study day will include a walking tour round parts of the estate that have influenced my work. A selection of short texts will used (and circulated before the day) and read at specific points around the park. The order will be this:

Bothy Gallery – to see MAKE SHIFT exhibition

Screening of Buka (13:30 mins), a short film by artist Boldi Csernak

Greek Temple

Octavia from Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino


Space (Continuation and End) from Species of Spaces and Other Pieces by Georges Perec


Extract on the miniature from The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard

Bird Hide

Extract from Box Man Kobo Abe

The Beach

Picnic by the lake

Shell Grotto

Extract from In Praise of Shadows by Junichiro Tanazaki

West Bretton College Student Halls

Excerpt from Geography of Home by Akiko Busch

Ersilia from Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino

Book a space for £4 (includes parking) HERE

New Editions

To accompany the MAKE SHIFT exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture park, I have made two limited edition works for sale there (have a look on their website soon!).

Egg is a cast plaster work in an edition of 21 and is priced £120. It’s roughly 3 inches high and comes safely packed in a small wooden box.
If I can’t see you, you can’t see me is a four-colour screen print on balsa wood and grey board. Also an edition of 21, this is priced at £70 unframed and there are also two framed prints available at £110.

An Invitation

Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Emily Speed: MAKE SHIFT
Private View Invitation

YSP warmly invites you to the private view of
Emily Speed: MAKE SHIFT

MAKE SHIFT is the first solo exhibition by Emily Speed, including new sculpture, installation, drawing and photography made in response to YSP’s built environment. Emily’s work explores the temporary and the transient through reference to architecture and the body. She examines buildings, both literally and metaphorically, as physical shelters and as containers for memory, bound with the history of their occupiers.

RSVP online or call 01924 830579

Related events
YSP and Opera North Present Four Seasons: Summer
15.07.11 / 21.15 / £15 / Book online

Fantastical Follies with Emily Speed
23+24.07.11 / Sessions from 10.30 / £4 / Book online

Emily Speed Study Day & Picnic
06.08.11 / 11.00–16.00 / £4 / Book online Some ideas here:

Supported by Design Centre North
Image: Emily Speed, Cabanon, 2011. Photo Mark Reeves


Last week was spent at the park once again. With the help of the amazing technicians, I launched the Cabanon (named after Le Corbuiser’s little wooden building he built for himself in the South of France – a modest dwelling – it basically means ‘Hut’ or ‘Cabin’ in French)

Aside from torrential rain, thunder and hail, it was a great day and I think we have some beautiful images of the work. Here’s a little taster – the image is Nobby (one of the technicians) releasing me into the wild. Right after this I got tangled in the branches and had to be shunted out onto open water.

Ship launch!

The coracle – she sails, slowly but surely. A pleasure to drift on the upper lake at YSP this week, testing out the sea-worthiness of the coracle before I add building work to it. Happy to say it is watertight and not as difficult as I anticipated, although I wouldn’t like to be out in any kind of wind. Performance is the week after next so I have some construction to get on with!


As I trundle ever closer to my exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in July, I am keeping track of my thoughts, works-in-progress and bits of research material in a new blog here. The exhibition title is MAKE SHIFT, hence the blog name… can’t promise complete coherence, but hopefully it will give a bit more insight into what’s going into the work.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I had a great weekend at the park making some sketches with furniture for future works. These are places to shelter & hide.

There is now a little bit of information about me on the YSP website, as well as dates for the show. This must mean it is really happening! *gulp*.

Roaming – Heterotopias

After a great week at YSP last week I am fully stuck into some research on the park and making some models for new works. Today though, I am taking slides in the studio for work that will be shown in Roaming – Heterotopias, a group exhibition opening on 4th December at the Musee Cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne.

The exhibition is part of ‘Les Urbaines’ a festival of contemporary art taking place across the city. The work in this Roaming exhibtion is made in response to the idea of a temporary exhibition, and the theme of Heterotpias. As the work will be shown alongside and inbetween the permanent collection of the museum, currently curated under the theme of light, this might also have an impact on some of the works.

Exhibiting Artists: Sophie Bueno Boutellier, Andy Boot, Alice Cattaneo, Ermanno Cristini, Victor Man, Goran Petercol, Luca Scarabelli and Emily Speed, with an online r-roaming project by Michele Lombardelli.

Roaming -Heterotopias is curated by Alessandro Castiglioni and  Noah Stolz.

Happily I am going to Lausanne to install so looking forward to a bit of snow, so I can eat fondue… maybe?

‘A House Like Me’ book launch

Last Friday was the launch at of ‘A House Like Me’ at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The event was to mark the end of my year as bursary holder for the Feiweles Trust at the Park. I have compiled the book and it is a mix of digital printing with screen printed dividers.

It was a lovely day and great to get some feedback on this thing that has been filling my house with piles of paper for weeks.

‘A House Like Me’  is intended for educators wanting to work with conceptual art and is based around the themes in my own practice and the projects I have been doing in schools since last September. The book is not for sale, but a pdf version will be online soon, I will post a link as soon as it’s available. Some images can be viewed in the bookworks section on this website.

A House Like Me – Feiweles Trust Bursary at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

ISBN 978-1-871480-85-6, Yorkshire Sulpture Park, 2010. Digital print on paper with screenprinted, card dividers. Digital printed folder.