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Architectural Cake

I left Linz last week, after a great six weeks in the studio at the Salzamt. For the final exhibition ‘Expand, Explore, Expose’ I made a cake. This cake (a battenberg) was also a copy of the wooden model made for Hitler by Albert Speer, of the new Führermuseum (a place for the art collection mainly plundered by the Nazis). The original photograph shown here is of the new plan for Linz, part of Hitler’s new masterplan-cities for Germany.
I was interested in how the architectural model can be a very powerful object, in that they contain a lot of potential and the transformation of scale allows people to imagine themselves into this other reality very easily.

Happily the audience were eager to destroy this model of a narrowly-escaped plan and it disappeared within an hour.

Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz

On Tuesday I am heading back to Austria to work for six weeks at Atelierhaus Salzamt in Linz. I was there for three months in 2009 as part of the Urban Interventions exchange with Liverpool Biennial so I’m thrilled to have been invited back. The City of Linz have purchased ‘Inhabitant’, the work I made during my last visit, for their collection, and it will also feature in a publication about their new collection in 2013. Here is a shot of the last visit with me performing Inhabitant and having some kind of encounter or stand off with the little yellow train and its occupants!

Photograph by Jens Sundheim, who was fantastic company last time, wish he was going to be around again. The first picture on his website is from Bellevue, the ‘Yellow house’ – one of the 2009 commissions in Linz, a great reminder of how strongly yellow featured in my last visit. I still haven’t gone through all the images he and Mehmet Dere took of that walk so it’s nice to look back through occasionally and find new ones.

Vision magazine, China

Vision magazine have featured ‘Inhabitant’ in their discovery section in the May issue. I just received a copy in the post today and it’s a lovely magazine, full of gorgeous images on matt paper; the best kind.

Unfortunately I can’t translate the text, but I’m guessing it is pretty similar to that on my website.



Exhibition is done and I leave Linz tomorrow. Very sad to go, but I am coming back next year to launch my artists’ book so this makes it easier. Today I did my final bit of work (apart from cleaning and packing!) and walked around the city in the sculpture ‘Inhabitant’ that I made during my stay here. Some images below, the best bit was looking back through these and seeing the faces of people watching me. My arms hurt. Big huge thanks to Jens Sundheim, and Mehmet Dere for following me around with cameras!

Above, Under, Inbetween

Saw this piece by Willi Dorner (US based Choreographer) tonight on a random street in Linz. It was great, really exciting stuff and I wondered whether I’d had a premonition or something when I took the cardboard pictures in my studio!? (I admit mine are slightly less impressive in bending terms)


I am here, it is lovely and my studio is enormous. Just about settled in now so looking forward to really getting stuck in to some new work. My head is overflowing with ideas so I shall have to try and start somewhere, I find myself gravitating towards writing again. Seems like there is a lot to see here too so, excited about seeing some new artists and perhaps a different approach to showing work?

More about the residency, Linz and the other artists can be seen here.